Message to Gambians On Faraba Incidents

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Fellow Gambians,

As we journey through these tough times filled emotions and different perspectives on how to resolve the recent unfortunate #Faraba incidents; I kindly appeal that we manage 9our emotions and let justice guide our actions.

Am flabbergasted that the SIS and Ministry of Interior did not forecast these incidences after the FIRST protest. The country is in a fragile situation and political interests will come into play because #CoalitionGovernment clearly lacks the VIS ION and DIRECTION to pull us out of our current state of quagmire.

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#PresidentBarrow, there is a sabotage in your government and I know you know what am talking about Sir. The sad reality is that ALL blames will come to you. A cabinet reshuffle is not only timely, but investment incapacitating the security sector with upto date training and equipment is super urgent.

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To the youth, the future of this country is in your hands. Let’s allow the government to resolve this issue as we simultaneously exhaust all means for a continuous dialogue. We don’t want things to get out control due to OTHER people.

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By: Ibraheem Ceesay


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