Meet Gambian pop sensation – Shuga

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Friday, April 06, 2018

Rising pop star Shuga has been on the go since the start of her career and there seems to be no stopping in sight. With a combination of her hot onstage appearances and melodious lyrics delivered with style, Shuga is one of the finest Gambian pop songstresses of recent time.

Born Sarrah Sillah, the British-born Gambian singer-cum-songwriter began her music career at a very young age. Since her arrival on the country’s music scene, she continues to blaze the scene with amazing lyrics.

She started her career as a dancer and later joined a hip-hop dance group in London.

Shuga made her breakthrough in music with her an anthem -’The Smiling Coast’ featuring another Gambian prolific rapper –Gee.

The song became a hot cake in the airwaves as it is always aired on the state TV up to this day.

However, her dramatic entry into The Gambian music arena has undoubtedly attracted tremendous milestone in her pursuit to deliver and make her voice heard. She has over the years performed in concerts in mega event in both The Gambia and UK.

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Last year, she starred at the annual Open Mic Fest, where she delivered a superb set when invited on stage by rapper ace- Gee, thus performing a remix version of their -Smiling Coast hit drop. The Smiling Coast song, she said, was influenced on experience family and friends had when they visited The Gambia.

The video of the song was regarded by many as the most-watched video in the whole of 2014.

Her versatility has enabled her to adapt and put her own flavour and imprint on any material at her disposal.

Shuga over the years has worked on numerous projects which includes her EP and collaborated with score in the scene. She hopes to make gains in the global music scene someday.

From: The Point

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