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SSHFC Staff are dead. They cannot work any longer until Manjang is removed from that seat. Everyone is flatly demotivated and lacks any bit of spirit. The reasons are clear. Manjang is the biggest professional liar one can ever imagine ever seeing in this generation of our professional cadre. The man is dishonest to the core and the most cunning person one can ever have. He is the most insincere person and lost all credibility from the general staff body of the SSHFC as an institution.

He lied in it’s entirety in that video interview he made to Fatunetwork the other day. I was taken aback by some gullible minds swayed by those lies he spewed in his interview with Fatunetwork. I therefore want to make clear to the Gambian people how Manjang is just not fit to head any of our institutions in this country.

Manjang’s dubious undertakings started ever since he took the mantle of leadership at SSHFC but all the staff were putting up with him to see what kind of person this man truly is having already suspected that he isn’t the guy the institution needs after dictatorship due to his dictatorial and arrogant tendencies.

The SSHFC Staff in whole but most especially the juniors saw it prudent to say it’s enough, we can’t  take it anymore, after Manjang did the most unthinkable wrongful act by approving the ACCA study program for the undeserving, unqualified and the least eligible person in the whole SSHFC Finance Department by all accounts, academic, longevity, etc etc. The satff now saw the need to stand up to the highest peak of corruption and injustice perpetrated by this man since he ascended to the position. Manjang lied in the video that Isha is the most qualified person in the Department which is the biggest lie that almost got my heart shred into pieces. That Department has far more qualified young men and women like Omar Badjie, Louise Jallow, Awa Ceesay,  Elizabeth Sarr and many more who have been there well before this little Aisha Bayo even knew where SSHFC building is located in this country. How Manjang could blatantly lie to the whole country like this is insane and has given me the undiluted conviction that Manjang should not be allowed near any public institution in this country much more to head it.


Manjang in that video also made mention of him being not greedy and selfish and protecting the interest of poor pensioners. My million dollar question is, would someone who has the interest of poor pensioners and brag about having money ever allow that institution buy you a 65000 dalasis phone when those poor pensioners are mostly living on one square meal per day with their hungry families? This man is truly fake. The most insulting part of all that being you hand over that phone to a little girl. I want Manjang to come before the whole country and hold the Quran and swear that he has not given that phone to Aisha Bayo. He will be crushed right there, I swear and I am fasting right now.

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He also made mention of vehicles that had been bought for him by the institution which he had told the office not to provide for him. That’s also another terrible lie he spewed there because that was deliberate and it was what he wanted. He is greedy and has no regard and empathy for the poor pensioners he claimed to be protecting. In fact the pensioners are the least happy with him since he came to head the institution. They have one time planned to petition him to the Office of the President couple of months ago for his lack of foresight in addressing their concerns.

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He also spoke of some people in the office wanting the status quo to remain. What status quo is he talking about? This man is truly sick. Does he meant being playful with spending of funds? Who was able to do that during the time of the killer? No wonder, he never felt the brunt of Jammeh’s brutal rule as he was silent and enjoying with his family and never cared but those of us who worked in and through it knew how it was. Ironically, Manjang has made SSHFC and it’s staff worse off now than during Jammeh’s era. Who is going to accept that in this new Gambia when we have suffered for 22 brutal years with our lives totally highjacked?

Let the government and those few gullible minds defending Manjang know that he is the biggest liar one can ever find. He is so dishonest and when you allow him talk, it means you giving him license to insert a knife into your chest and rip it apart. He has lost all trust and credence from SSHFC from the lowest to the most senior staff. In fact the lower staff are the most disgruntled with him and can’t wait to see him booted out from that seat. This is true since he does not have their interest but that of a little girl whom he is obsessed with pleasing ever since he stepped his foot in that institution. All staff are totally down as we speak, and no one is working these days. They all want Manjang out. Period!

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Editor’s note: The author’s views are entirely his own views. It doesn’t represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention.

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