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Match Pictorial of Banjul’s Victory over Foni Yesterday Evening

Photo 2: Match Commissioner readying up
Photo 3: Pre-match formalities as the Gambian flag is paraded
Photo 4: captains of both teams pose with referees before kick off
Photo 5: Losing side Foni’s line up
Photo 6: Match gets underway as Banjul’s Omar Sonko blocks a Foni player’s pass
Photo 7: Foni’s captain Modou Tamba drives the ball out his box
Photo 8: Foni’s Lamin Sanyang is intercepted by a Banjul player
Photo 9: players of both teams duelling for the ball
Photo 10: Foni’s net-minder Modou Lamin Sanyang gathers the ball
Photo 11: Foni effecting a change
Photo 12: the ball boys on guard
Photo 13: Dejected Foni players leave the pitch head bowed
Photo 14: Banjul’s Assan Joof in his one-eyed mock celebration
Photo 15: It’s all Banjul’s as players, fans and the team technical bench went rambunctious in elation

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