MamaLinguere Sarr Jabs President Barrow & Lawyer Darboe Over System Change

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By: MamaLinguere Sarr,

Halifa Sallah I did not hear you right when you spoke about system change! You are absolutely right! We have regime change! But not system change! System change requires a change in the corrupt systems and attitudes Jammeh left behind. This continued lack of discipline coupled with the abuse of freedom going on in the Gambia does not tell well for our future.

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President Barrow and VP Ousainou Darboe, are you ready to make the unpopular decisions necessary to effect system change? It will be painful but it’s necessary for your legacy.

Nopa bou bonn bii laa daygay won!
No am not hacked! And I will explain tomorrow on Kerr Fatou in shaa Allah

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