Magistrate Demba Senghore has been replaced!

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The magistrate, who was presiding over the opposition GDC MP and co criminal trial has been transferred, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Magistrate Demba Senghore, the son of a onetime Gambian naval chief Madani Senhore, has been replaced by another magistrate, sources said. Senghore’s political loyalty was an issue; hence the political hacks interested in securing a conviction against the accused GDC MP Alhagie Sowe and co, engineered his immediate transfer from Basse. Senghore was transferred last week. Now a new magistrate Omar Jabang, has been installed to do the dirty political work for them, our sources added. Omar is a good man, but it appears he is being used by the political hacks, our source added.

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If MP Alhagie Sowe is convicted, an early election would be organized by the IEC. Efforts are being mounted to have the accused persons convicted by any means necessary; even if it will mean delivering a frivolous conviction.

It would be recalled that the same political hacks engineered the transfer of some senior officials of the police in Basse, and elsewhere around the country, in the wake of the political disturbances.

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Jammeh’s playbook of interfering with the operations of the judiciary has been reactivated. There are unlettered political hacks around Adou Boy, whose objective is to polarize Basse politically. We are monitoring developments.

From: Freedom Newspaper

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