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LETTERS : Gambia; the Politics that Never Ends.

LETTERS : Gambia; the Politics that Never Ends.


I have seen the huge crowds welcoming Ousainu Darboe recently.
I have seen the humongous APRC crowds. I have seen the large GDC crowds. And I have seen the crowds welcoming Adama Barrow.

The Gambia has been caught in a spirit of perpetual electioneering over the past two and half years. At some point, it gets old, boring and monotonous. But my question goes to the heart of the issue on my mind. Where in god’s earth do all these tens of thousands of mostly youth and women work?

Otherwise, where and how do they find the time to waste on politicking that has no ending? When do they find time to work in order to better their, their family and countrymen’s lives? And do they love their political parties more than they love themselves? Just wondering.

Mathew K Jallow

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