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Koro Ceesay’s Death: Investigator Shocked by Order to Close Case File.

Koro Ceesay’s Death: Investigator Shocked by Order to Close Case File.


Mohammed L.K. Bojang, has told the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC), chaired by Dr. Lamin J. Sise, that he was shocked and disappointed when he was informed by the then Inspector General of Police, F.R.I. Jammeh to close the case file of Ousman K. Ceesay death.

He added that his investigation revealed that late Ousman Koro Ceesay, the then Finance minister in the AFPRC government led by Yahya Jammeh was killed by Lt. Peter Singateh, Lt. Edward Singateh, Lt. Yankuba Touray and their orderlies.

Mohammed L.K. Bojang made these revelations yesterday whilst testifying before the said Commission and that he received information that the late Finance minister was brutally killed and brought to Jamburr village and set his vehicle ablaze as a cover up for an accident.

The witness disclosed that Ousman Koro Ceesay was killed at Yankuba Touray’s residence, adding that Koro Ceesay’s death was first of its kind in the country.

He stated that Ousman Koro Ceesay was brutally burnt to ashes and that when he received information that Koro Ceesay had an accident around Jamburr village, he was the OC at Serious Crime Unit at the time and therefore mobilised his team of investigators for the scene. He explained that at the scene, there was heavy crowd including members of the AFPRC, the chief fire officer, Rex King and S.P. Ebou Njie, the police mechanical director.

He further explained that he checked the vehicle and so was S.P. Ebou Njie and the chief Fire Officer Rex King and photographs of the scene was taken including the vehicle itself.

He pointed out that the vehicle number plate was intact and he observed that there were no skid marks on the road.

Chief Bojang indicated that he saw Lt. Peter Singhateh wearing long sleeves shirt with a bandage wrapped around his left arm.

He further indicated that the vehicle was brought to the scene and burnt there and that he received reports that Koro Ceesay went to work in the morning, close from work headed to the airport to see off the then AFPRC chairman, Yahya Jammeh. From the airport, he said, Ceesay was taken away to Yankuba Touray’s residence where he was allegedly murdered and dumped in Jambur village and burnt to ashes.

The witness told the Commission that at the scene, he told his team of investigators not to leave any stone unturned and vowed to bring the culprit to justice without fear or favour.

Chief M.L.K. Bojang, a onetime magistrate said he was being followed by one Baba Saho, an NIA operatives, citing his meeting with him at Karaiba Avenue and in Bakau.

The witness stated that at the time he felt under threat and that his family was not safe so he decided to move his family from Sukuta residence to somewhere else. He said that he did went to the then DG of the NIA, Samba Bah to report that he was being followed.

He further stated that the then IGP Gibril Joof was removed and was replaced by F.R.I. Jammeh who informed him that he got instruction from the chairman of the AFPRC, Yahya Jammeh to close the case file.

He noted that he called the station officer and informed him about the instruction to close the case file and he put the vehicle number plate at the back of the Police Headquarters building.

The witness revealed that at the time he was asked to close the case file, he hadn’t receive any data from the fire services, photographs of the scene, witnesses and suspects statements amongst others.

He pointed out that the suspects were on the other side of the security services and that after the fall of Yahya Jammeh government, he did made efforts to locate the case file of Ousman Koro Ceesay but to no avail.

Chief Bojang was born in Sukuta on the 1st January, 1942. He joined The Gambia Police Force in 1967 and told the Commission the role he played in the failed 1981 Kukoi Samba Sanyang’s coup, whilst he was a sergeant under Abdoulie Mboob as the Inspector General of Police.

He told the Commission the role he also played in quelling the riot instigated by the Black Panthers in Banjul in 1970.

He stated that in 1992, he was the station officer at the Bakau Police Station and told the Commission his encounter with Yahya Jammeh, who was the head of the then gendarmerie and his men when they invaded the station and had a fight with them, beat his men mercilessly.

He pointed out that during the fight, he was stabbed with a bayonet by one of the gendarmerie in his back and he sustained injury and was later admitted.

He said he had a fight with Yahya Jammeh at African Village Hotel after he was provoked and that one Baba Fofana, a police officer once beat Yahya Jammeh at Denton Bridge.

He disclosed that Yahya Jammeh was not discipline and alleged that Yahya Jammeh was always dealing with criminals like money doublers, citing the case of one Baldeh who was arrested as a result of his involvement in a motor bike theft.

Paramount Chief Mohammed L.K. Bojang lamented the fact that if those posted at Denton Bridge had resisted the junta, they were going to have another bridge.

He indicated that the then IGP, Pa Sallah Jagne took weapons from the police prior to the 22nd July, 1994 take over.

He therefore thanked the TRRC for their work and urged all and sundry to come forward before the said commission to tell the truth and forgive.

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