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The GDC leader Mama Kandeh says the exiled Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh should be allowed to return to his native country, The Gambia. Kandeh, who was speaking to the Star FM radio, said he “sees no reason why Jammeh shouldn’t return to The Gambia.”

“Jammeh is a Gambian citizen. I have no problem with Jammeh returning to The Gambia. He should come back. He was born in this country,” Kandeh remarked.

“The people he was working with are still in the country. Some of them had appeared before the TRRC and related their stories. Jammeh too should come back and tell his side of the story to the TRRC,” Kandeh added.

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Jammeh left Gambia in 2017 for Equatorial Guinea. This followed the fall of his twenty-two years administration. He was defeated in a widely disputed

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 elections by Adama Barrow.

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Kandeh in his interview with Star FM said Barrow’s coalition government has woefully failed. He blamed Barrow and his colleagues for failing to maintain the coalition government as envisaged by The Gambian voters.

He added that if Barrow is confident of winning an election, he should resign; set up a political party and organize elections. He said Barrow cannot win elections in The Gambia. Kandeh said he doesn’t think that Barrow would pull ten percent of the votes if he decides to contest in the next elections. He said even an unknown Gambian can defeat Barrow in future elections.

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