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The leader of Gambia’s Democratic Congress Party Mama Kandeh has ruled out the possibilities of him serving as Gambia’s Vice President under Barrow’s rule. Kandeh was speaking in an interview with the prominent leading Star FM radio station. According to Kandeh, he doesn’t think that Barrow is going to offer him such a position—while citing what he calls the diametrical policy and work ethics differences he had with the current administration. Kandeh said Barrow’s government lacks work ethics culture.

“I cannot work with a regime that is not ready to work. These folks are not working. I do not see myself working in Barrow’s government as Vice President. I also do not believe he would ever think about having me on board his administration. I believe in working and they are not working,” K andeh remarked.

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Kandeh, who pulled close to one hundred thousand of the total vote cast in the 2016 Presidential elections, added that Barrow, has betrayed the wishes and aspirations of The Gambian people by engaging in an illegal power consolidation.

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“It is sad that Barrow is not living up to his promised campaign promises. He was elected into office to run a transitional government, but he is blatantly consolidating himself into power. What he is doing is illegal. Sadly, his Justice Minister is not bold enough to call him out for his illegal power consolidation activities. Under normal circumstances, the Justice Minister ought to have put it to him that he was not elected to consolidate himself in power. What Barrow is doing is an affront to our cherished democratic change,” Kandeh remarked in the local Wolof language.

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He cited the formation of the Barrow Youth Movement; the Barrow fans Club, and the politicized recent meet the farmers tour to back up his argument.

Kandeh thinks that Barrow is an affront to our newfound democracy. He argues that good and credible leaders would always stick to their promises to the electorate; and not to upsurge power for their own personal gains.

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The GDC leader also debunked Barrow’s claims of spearheading certain developmental projects in the country. He said some of the projects that Barrrow is taking crediting for, were Jammeh’s projects.

“I haven’t seen any meaningful project that Barrow has brought to this country since he came to power. It is sad that he is falsely taking credit of Jammeh’s projects. These are Jammeh’s projects. Completing a project started by Jammeh’s government, doesn’t mean that it is Barrow’s project,” he said.

Commenting on MP Fatoumatta Jawara’s remarks branding the UDP leader Ousainou Darboe as a drunkard, Kandeh said at first, he never wanted to comment on the matter, but he pointed out that the GDC debunks politics of insulting. He called on the GDCs supporters to stay away from politics of cursing.

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