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By Omar Bah

The leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress, Mamma Kandeh, has responded to his critics who claimed he is dishing out money from an undisclosed source in order to induce voters.
Speaking at a recent meeting in The North Bank Region, Kandeh denied ever giving money to induce voters.
He branded politicians who give money to people to get their vote as ‘unpatriotic.’

“If you go to Sulayman and Mariama and give them money and ask them to vote for you or they sell their voter’s card to you, you are a bad person and the person selling the vote to you is also bad and unpatriotic,” he told GDC supporters at a rally in Kerewan.

On his opponents’ claims that he should disclose his source of funding, the unapologetic Kandeh shouted: “It’s none of their business. I do not owe any obligation to them, as they have not given me money for safekeeping.”
Kandeh used the meeting to throw punches at his opponents in the government labeling them as “hungry, angry people.”

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“All of them are busy building houses. I do not know whether, prior to their coming into office, they were all renting,” Kandeh teased his audience at Kerewan.
The GDC leader also called on Gambian voters to rethink the way and manner they have been voting since independence. “You are just voting for them, they are not addressing your problem….That should stop now. It is high time you started voting for yourselves by voting for the GDC,” he concluded.

From: Gambia News Online

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