Julakay Gives Statement To Police On Faraba Incident

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The Fatu Network has been reliably informed that the man behind Julakay Engineering Company, Ansumana Marenah known as “Julakay” gave statements to the Police with regards to the Faraba Bantang incident.

According to reliable sources, Julakay gave the said statements Thursday morning at the Brikama Police Station and the Police Headquarters in Banjul respectively. He could not be reached on his phone to confirm.

Superintendent David Kujabi, Police Spokesperson said he was not in the office to confirm the report.

Ansumana Marenah was a former staunch supporter and financiers of the former ruling APRC Party of Yahya Jammeh. He was a close business associate of the late Baba Jobe who introduced him to the former President, Yahya Jammeh. He spent many years in the United States before his eventual ban from America.

Julakay used to work very closely with the late Baba Jobe who was the second most powerful man in the country before falling apart with the former President Yahya Jammeh. He was one of the people who testified against Baba Jobe before a panel of investigators at the defunct National Intelligence Agency NIA.

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Shortly, after the fall of Baba Jobe, the former President decided to withdraw the mining contracts already awarded to Julakay who allegedly took loans from banks to start operations. He nearly lost his compounds in Latrikunda and Brikama respectively, but the courts ordered him to pay the debt through monthly installment.

Julakay is a native of Badibou Suwareh Kunda, a village neighboring with Kinteh Kunda, the home village of the former Inspector General of Police, IGP Landing Kinteh.

Sources close to Julakay said he used to give out brown envelopes to senior government officials for special favours which they say the Faraba incident is not an exception to. He has offices beside the Lamin Market, Kombo North.

Meanwhile, President Adama Barrow has set up an independent inquiry body to investigate the Faraba incident within a month.

By: Fatu Network

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