I am a senior officer  within a key unit at the Gambian security sector who keenly follows developments within the security. As a Gambian, I would like to make the happenings at immigration public so that actions could  be taken. The department is heading the wrong direction. There is no meaningful or tangible successes registered. To begin with the commissioners of operations and administration are a shame to GID. They are  always not found in their offices. They are busy running private errands. Commissioner administration is often found loitering at a shop opposite the head office. He dresses in an awkward fashion to the dismay of junior officers. He is always at that shop drinking attaya instead of working. Correspondents are delayed as you can  see them piled up like a bookshop.Commissioner Operations lacks the intelligence to run and command his men. He is more of a cerebral figure than an officer. The two  have one thing in common  – they are not efficient in their jobs.  DDG who should be helping the DG is not familiar with her country’s geography. All she knows is that Adama Barrow is the president of the Gambia. The rest is forgotten.Funny! Isn’t? She’s made herself the laughingstock of the Gambia. She is laughed at every time immigration officers see her.

At the headquarters immigration officers are uncontrollably busy running after passport applicants. Some go outside to wait for them. Often you hear senior officers arguing with their juniors over applicants. Discipline is in its lowest ebb. Officers have no regard for each other.Junior officers are being empowered at the expense of senior officers. My immigration friend told me that now transfers are never published. Officers are only ask to report to their new stations.He told me that the DG is afraid of making transfers published fearing a backlash just like the one he experienced last year. The DG himself is paranoid and he is very conscious of his environment. He is afraid to shake hands with some immigration officers. He is afraid because one of his confidants OC HJ dropped a juju in his office purportedly to scare him. The DG got panic and HJ had no choice but to blame SS who was with him at the time. A lot of drama ensued leading to an investigation that made him change his office materials twice in a few weeks.The main door leading to his office is not accessible now. Those who know DG Touray describe him as a habitual marabout goer. He is an ardent believer of marabouts and soothsayers. He subscribes to their advice and fortunetelling. The DG has cancelled his tour of the country more than three times because marabouts told him not to do so. He is not sure he would have a successful tour. If you believe in marabouts so you shall be scared….He has guards mounting security at his home as he claimed to have received attacks and threats from the public.

The Jola people and Fulas are subjects of ethnic profiling. A good number of Jolas are denied ID Cards after providing all the required documents. Those who succeed are turned back many times.The Jola people are complaining alot.  Lightskinned Fulas are subjects of denial and humiliation. A fula community threatened to take their case to the Chief Justice. One cannot understand why these groups of people are prone to immense and most gruesome grillings by immigration officers as against other people.

I am told promotions are about to be made and sitting will be conducted soon. My officer friend told me that the DG and his DDG have a list of officers they want promoted. Majority of them are their relatives and friends. They forgot that promotions are no longer going to be the same old trick…..

GID is transformed into Pirang Immigration Department PID. His relatives from Pirang are transferred to money making stations with no qualifications or experience.

The bilateral the immigration has with other countries are being frown at by partners. If care is not taken immigration may harm such good partnerships. According to sources from GID Gambians  should braces up for more deportations this year.  Commissioner Fatou Demba and inspector Adama Sumbundu are currently in Germany helping the German authorities to facilitate the deportations they agreed with their boss DG Touray to show no mercy we expecting a flight of a lot of  returnees from Germany this month. The more the deportations the higher the kickback. officers selected for the OIC training could not be fed like their counterpart sister services so they have to wait. Very sad immigration has lost its way!

Sources from GID intimated that OT the dismissed immigration officer is apparently very angry with DG and is ready to spill the beans. The Ombusman said the former administration was in order and that the decisions made will not change. The boy is very angry because the DG promised to reinstate him as soon as he assumes leadership. This has not happen still.Another source also revealed that immigration has written to give back the ranks of the demoted officers involved in the Seaport saga including the DG’s wife. According sources From GID  all the demoted officers have confessed in a Police investigation to have taken money From the shipping agent sometime in March last year, hence their demotion. It will be sub judice  since the matter is still being heard at the court.
From Concerned citizen.

Editors note: The views expressed by the author do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. His claims would be treated as mere allegations. Some of the names he mentioned in his piece have been redacted for editorial reasons. Thanks for your attention.

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