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GAMBIA:Jobe’s family slams sale of Jammeh’s vehicles as ‘illegal’.

Jobe’s family slams sale of Jammeh’s vehicles as ‘illegal’.

January 11.

Ibrahim AK Jobe, brother of the late Jarra politician Baba Jobe, has criticised the sale of vehicles appropriated from former president Jammeh by the Janneh Commission as ‘illegal’.
Jobe told The Standard among the vehicles advertised to be auctioned are those belonging to his family commandeered by Jammeh. “This is akin to injustice on the side of our family. The first thing the commission should have done is to investigate how the former tyrant ruler acquired those vehicles and trucks before they are displayed for public auctions.

“I am disappointed by the decision taken by the commission because the vehicles that are to be sold do not belong to only Jammeh. When Jammeh fell out with my late brother, he forcefully seized all his vehicles and other assets including the cows which actually belonged to my late mother. We have been exercising patience for far too long and we have reached the limit of our patience. All we want now is to suspend the sales and return our assets that were forcefully seized from our brother by the former president,” Mr Jobe stated.
Also adding his voice, another of the Jobe brothers who preferred anonymity, appealed to the government to consider their calls and bring closure of the wrongs being perpetrated against their family. “We are impatient and frustrated and the only thing that could help us is for government to make sure we recover the assets of our late brother.

“Since Jammeh fell out with our brother, he forcefully seized all his properties and since then we have been living in rented accommodations while some of the properties seized from our brother are still being occupied by Jammeh’s own people. This is grossly unfair,” he queried.
The brothers who said they are “disappointed” with and felt “betrayed” by the government further told this medium that they are in close contact with their lawyer to see how they could recover their properties since they have all the necessary documents to substantiate their claims of ownership including documents relating to the sales of Kairaba Beach Hotel.

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