Jammeh’s Decision To Dismiss Two APRC Leaders Rescinded!

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Fearing that his current party’s leadership might likely sellout to the Barrow led Coalition government, amid uncertainty facing the onetime dominant former ruling APRC government, the exiled Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh has instituted drastic changes within the APRC leadership over the weekend, the FREEDOM NEWSPAPER can reveal. Top officials of the APRC have been replaced with immediate effect by Jammeh, who is pulling the political strings away from his new base in Equatorial Guinea. Fakabary Tombong Jatta, the APRC interim leader was earlier replaced by his Deputy former Army General MA Bah. Ousman Jatta, AKA Rambo was appointed Deputy APRC leader by Jammeh. He was supposed to replace MA Bah. Also replaced was the APRC spokesman Seedy Njie. Jammeh had earlier issued a directive that Bo Jarju, a former UDP supporter should replace Seedy Njie.  Jarju is a resident of Brikama.

But at an APRC meeting held today, Jammeh’s decision was rescinded. For now, Fabakary Tombong Jatta and his Executive remains as leaders of the APRC. The APRC fears that if Jammeh’s verbal orders were to be executed it could have led to the party’s total disintegration. Hence, which led to the sudden rescinding of the dictator’s orders.


Jammeh’s term as the APRC leader ends in 2020. He can only be replaced through a Congress. For now, Jammeh is pulling the strings from Equatorial Guinea.

As the APRC leader, Jammeh has been empowered by the APRC party constitution to appoint members of his party’s Executive. It was through Jammeh that Fabakary Tombong Jatta was appointed interim leader of the APRC. The former Interior Minister and Army Major MA Bah, was also appointed by Jammeh to serve as the party’s Deputy Leader.

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Jammeh negotiated for his departure from the country, following Gambia’s month long political impasse, which saw Barrow as the winner of the December 2016 elections. Jammeh has since been living in exile in Equatorial Guinea.

Seedy Njie’s recent statement pledging his support for President Adama Barrow infuriated Jammeh. Mr. Jammeh is also not happy with the way Fabakary Tombong Jatta is handling the affairs of the party. Hence, he ordered for drastic changes within the party’s leadership.

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There has been growing calls by rights groups for Jammeh’s extradition from Equatorial Guinea to face justice. The exiled Gambian leader has been accused of massive human rights violations—ranging from murder, torture, and rape.

According to sources close to the APRC, Yahya Jammeh wants a firebrand leadership within his party. Jammeh, said our sources, has doubts about the loyalty of certain members of the APRC leadership. He thinks that the likes of Seedy Njie are vulnerable and could easily sellout to the new rulers in Banjul, said one source.

Jammeh’s weekend APRC leadership shakeup has thrown the party into total confusion. The party’s leadership are currently meeting—with the view of managing the potential crisis.

Yahya Jammeh’s recent meddling into Gambia’s transitional politics will spark a debate in the country. His motives are not clear. Some analysts are of the view that Jammeh wants to plunge the country into chaos ahead of the much talked about Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

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From: Freedom Newspaper

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