Jammeh Is About To Sign The List Of Prisoners To Be Pardoned

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Gambia’s President, Yahya Jammeh, attends the “Session 1- Investing in Africas Future” of the US-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington, DC, on August 6, 2014. US President Barack Obama announced billions of dollars in investment for Africa on Tuesday, as the United States challenges China and Europe’s leading roles in the continent’s economic emergence. AFP PHOTO/JIM WATSON (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Jammeh Is About To Sign The List Of Prisoners To Be Pardoned; Jammeh Sat For An Hour Yesterday With His Hands On His Head Without Talking To Anyone After Pardoning The Prisoners; High Profile Prisoners To Be Freed; Ansumana Jammeh Recycled At The Jammeh Foundation For Peace Hospital; Jammeh To Sack And Arrest Interior Minister Ousman Sonko; Grts Workers Not Paid; Information Ministry Workers Leaving!

In an hour or so, dictator Yahya Jammeh is going to sign the list of pardoned prisoners to be freed, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Prison, Interior and police officials have been busy trying to compile the list of prisoners to be sent home to reunite with their loved ones. Families have been patiently waiting to receive the prisoners from prison.

Immediately after pardoning the death row inmates, Jammeh came to the State House with a different outlook. He sat for an hour with his hands on his head. Jammeh wasn’t happy at all. But he has no choice, but to fulfill his promise to Gambians.

Later today, some of the prisoners will be released. The likes of Lang Tombong Tamba, Lai Joof, Bo Badjie, Kawsu Camara, AKA Bombardeh, Modou Gaye, Ngoor Secka, Alieu Jobe, the EX Accountant General, Bunja Darboe, Yahya Darboe, and co. Many high profile prisoners are going to be released before Friday.

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Meanwhile, the July 22, celebrations thwarted Jammeh’s move to sack and arrest Interior Minister Ousman Sonko. Mr. Sonko’s job is on the line. Jammeh is not happy with his performance.

At the NIA level, Jammeh ordered for the sacked Kanilai Farm Manager Ansumana Jammeh to be investigated. A case file was opened to investigate Ansumana Jammeh, but thanks to the intervention of some members of the Jammeh family, Ansu’s case was dropped.

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Meanwhile, Ansumana Jammeh, has been redeployed to the Jammeh Foundation for Peace Hospital. He is now in charge of the Jammeh Foundation. He is not going to last long there.

In another development, Gambians are now speaking out freely in the streets of Banjul and its surrounding areas. The climate of fear is eroding. The NIA’S long years of terrorizing the population is gradually becoming history. Gambians are no longer afraid of Jammeh. Jammeh’s fear machine is dead.

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As we file this dispatch, the Muslim preachers at the GRTS, have not been paid their monthly salaries. GRTS cleaners and drivers have also not been paid. Many government workers are reporting to work without being paid.

At the Ministry of Communication and Information, there is a mass exodus of workers. The staff there, are poorly paid. Very few people earns D5, 000 dalasi monthly salary. No wonder that’s why workers at the Ministry of Information are leaving in large numbers.

If Jammeh is not toppled now towards the elections, there is no way that he can accomplish his goal for a six term bid in office. The growing public disenchantment against his regime is building up by the day. Jammeh might likely be forced out of office through popular uprising. The Gambia is on the brink of total collapse. Amnesty or no amnesty, the people are determined to take back their country from the liability despot in the person of Yahya Jammeh.


On the economic front, the situation is dire. The Central Bank of The Gambia’s Foreign Currency Account is in the red. There is no foreign currency at the Central Bank. This is the account the government uses to import and settle other financial obligations offshore. In other words, it is the nation’s import cover.

If the situation persists, the country might likely be hit by massive food shortages. Tourism, agriculture, and other sectors of national development are completely dead.  Only regime change can bailout The Gambia!

From: Freedom Newspaper

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