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Jammeh image changed and system remained!

Jammeh image changed and system remained!

When Gambians joined hands to vote jammeh out contitunally is because we wanted to eradicate dictatorship in our country! Freeing Gambians from the killings, torturing, corruption, implicating people in events they have no idea of, worshipping our leaders, using power over the poor voters and misusing public funds.

Image of jammeh out of the state house but his soul still remains! His enablers, loyalist, his way of ruling Gambians for the past 22 years and his ideology of over staying on what he promised to stay.

1. Jammeh promised 6 months to pass over the government to civilians, and adama promised 3 years and willing to go for 5 and more 2. Jammeh fired, jailed and executed the junta members to stay longer,and adama also fired all the coalitions members to stay longer in power 3. Jammeh used the religious leaders to propaganda people in allowing him to stay longer, and adama calling on religious leaders to talk to mr. Darboe to allow him stay longer 4. Jammeh used state funds to buy peoples loyalty by giving them bags of sugar, rice and also distribute cash publicly, adama also paying unemployed people, dashing people cash in private to buy their loyalty, 5. Jammeh used his loyalist to threaten active and honest Gambians to stay mute or face jail, Adama’s loyalists are doing the same now.

Where are we moving to with this type of leaders? Did Gambians achieve what they fought the past 22 years? Why is the same faces that served jammeh the past 22 years still serving in the current Government? Is there system change? And what are we learning from the past? Should we continue holding on with adama or should he leave asap? Is he fulfilling our dreams or did he betrayed our trust and achievements?

My opinion: I believe adama is not the solutions to our problems and he should leave sooner than expected.


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