Isis fighters infiltrate neighbouring Mozambique (Part 1)

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MBOMBELA – It is believed that the group headed to Nacala to bolster the Isis stronghold at the port where containers laden with drugs are offloaded monthly from cargo ships.

According to well-placed intelligence sources, the infiltrators entered from the island of Zanzibar and used Tanzania as springboard to cross the border into Mozambique. There have been numerous prior infiltrations, but this was the largest single group that came into the neighbouring state, the sources indicated.

Although not confirmed yet, security experts indicated that the jihadists may try to join forces with Renamo rebels in a united front against the Frelimo government, so as to bolster their stand in the neighbouring country.

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Lowvelder can also today reveal that the Mbombela branch of home affairs has become the most sought-after port of call for illegal Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Somalian immigrants entering South Africa to buy identification documents from corrupt officials.


Also confirming the infiltration of Isis into Mozambique, another international authority on radical Islam, who asked not to be named, told Lowvelder, “Yes, definitely Al Shabaab fighters whom switched allegiance from al-Qaeda to Isis operate in northern Mozambique.”

He also confirmed the intelligence sources’ information that the containers of heroin come from Afghanistan, are transported to Pakistan and then shipped to Lamu Island off the north-eastern coast of Kenya. From there they are transported to Pemba Island in the Zanzibar Archipelago from where the shipments find their way to Port Nacala and finally to Durban.

From: Lowvelder

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