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President Adama Barrow returned home with millions; and now he thinks that he is rich enough to be able to donate ten percent out of his monthly salary of D200,000.00 to the poor and needy. He said he is going to donate ten thousand dalasis every month from his salary to poor Gambians. He made the declaration upon landing at the Banjul International airport on Friday. This followed, a donors round-table conference he attended in Brussels, Belgium, where the European Union (EU) had extended a grant of one hundred and forty million Euros to the Gambia government. The EU, in collaboration with other donor partners also made a pledge of one hundred and forty-five billion Euros to help bailout the impoverished West African nation.

It is important to note that the EU had already pumped two hundred and twenty-five million Euros into the Gambian economy, since Adama Barrow ascended to the presidency. This assertion, was confirmed by Neven Mimica, a commissioner in charge of International Cooperation and Development at the EU during the donors’ round-table conference.

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“Last year, we witnessed the first democratic change of leadership in the Gambia since its independence thanks to the resolve of its people and the new government; together the international community and the European Union did not waste time and acted quickly to help our Gambian friends with development support with two hundred and twenty-five million Euros to date,” Mr. Mimica remarked.

So far, we are yet to see any serious meaningful development since this administration took over office. Personal development among officials, seemed to have superseded national development.

President Barrow, for example, has built a Manson at his home village of Mankamangkunda in a span of one and a half year into his presidency. He has also brought water and electricity supply to his village, while the rest of the country is grabbling with basic developmental challenges.

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It is too early for President Barrow to exhibit his so-called riches. Here is a guy, who couldn’t fund his own presidential campaign, according to one Gambian journalist familiar with the president’s financial background. Mr. Barrow and his coalition partners, had to rely on diasporan Gambians and home based philanthropists interested in political change to foot their campaign.

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Mr. Barrow is becoming too obvious. He is not smart at all. Even a career thief, will seek to cover up his trails to avoid be being busted.

Barrow is not financially magnanimous as he wants to make us believe. Donating ten percent of his salary to the poor, is not something worthy of celebrations by his supporters. Devoted Muslims usually take out charity from their monthly or yearly earnings.

As dictated by Islam, Muslims are required to donate ten percent of their earnings to the poor. Hence, Mr. Barrow hasn’t done anything new here.

Ten thousand dalasis is a chicken change. It cannot pay for the tuition fee of a University student at the UTG. Mr. Barrow is very stingy when it comes to cash and food. He is not charitable at all. LOL….

If President Barrow is truly interested in national development, he should take a pay cut, and scrap his wife’s private charity Foundation. That Foundation is a money making venture for the Barrows.

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The Barrows came to the presidency poor, but today they are exhibiting their so-called riches. One doesn’t have to be a good investigator to detect the financial backdoor channels ushered by some phonies.

Mr. Barrow should bear in mind that there is life after the presidency. Any wealth or properties he acquired while in office, will be investigated by any future successive government. Never take Gambians for granted. Gambians are watching closely.

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