Information Minister counters Momodou Sabally

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Gambia’s Information minister Demba Ali Jawo has countered the country’s former Secretary General and head of the civil service Momodou Sabally on his comments in a recent one-on-one interview with GRTS where he was quoted saying that the British were pressuring former President Yahya Jammeh when they brought the gay issue to him.

Information minister Jawo posted on his Facebook page, saying listening to Mr. Sabally in the interview, he was quite taken aback by the type of language he used to put his points across.

Also former President Jammeh’s one-time personal affairs minister, Mr. Sabally said in the interview that it was the pressure from the British that compelled his former boss to divorce The Gambia from the commonwealth because Gambia does not want homosexuals and will never allow them in the country.

“While I have no problems with his stance against Gambia’s re-entry to the Commonwealth and his anti-gay rhetoric, but I was surprised by his frequent blaming of the White men for what they did to African. I thought with his level of education and sophistication, he had passed the stage where he would be looking at the world with Black and White lenses,” Mr. Jawo said.

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He said Mr. Sabally is apparently showing to people that he may have been one of the architects of Babili Mansa’s (Mr. Jammeh) belligerent policies against the West as he had been using similar racist tones to lambast Western hegemony. “America violated our brothers and sisters’ human rights by chaining them like slaves and putting them in the plane and sent them home. They are hypocrites by their human right trying to impose homosexuality when they are abusing and mistreating our people. White are hypocrites and Gambia shouldn’t go back to the Commonwealth,” Mr. Sabally was quoted in the interview.

Minister Jawo however said he has no doubt that many other Gambians would have completely disappeared from public view but said Mr. Sabally is not only continuing to occupy public space but has been also quite vocal in defense of what he believes in. “While I would not agree with him on a number of issues but I would defend his right to hold such views in the spirit of the New Gambia.”


Author: Pa Modou Cham

From: The Point

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