In Solidarity With Pa Modou Bojang And Environmentalist In Gambia

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Morro Krubally

The incident with journalist Pa Modou Bojang and other people of Faraba Banta is indeed sad. Ignoramuses wearing the uniform to terrorize the population, that is simply the case here.

The armed services should be purged of these rogue elements of Yaya Jammeh. Pa, should surely waste no time exercising his rights as a citizen, and seek redress in the courts. This must not go with impunity.

They, the paramilitary officers responsible for bodily harm, and illegal act of abuse of position, must pay the price, must be brought to book for wanton act of senselessness, and unlawful acts of manslaughter.

Ignorance is Gambia’s epidemic, and until we insist on enlightenment, education, and highest regard for human life in all spheres of life, especially in the civil society, we shall continue to live in primitive ages yet to be part of the civilized community of nations. What a shame!

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Stand firm Pa, and support the helpless! I feel ashamed to be a Gambian today. Monday was a dark day for Gambia. We must join in collective efforts to insist on respect for rule of law, respect for human life, and protection of property; these are the basic tenets of democracy.

We are doomed as a nation should we fail to protect the fundamentals of civilization; the social contract of society upon which social harmony is anchored. Remove the social contract, and you shall end up with anarchy, in my view, as we have just seen in Faraba Banta.

M. Krubally,

CEO, MaXXis Consulting


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