I have dead goat syndrome — Princess Shyngle

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Princess Shyngle Blue BikiniPrincess Shyngle

Curvaceous Ghana-based Gambian actress, Princess Shyngle, always makes news because of her body but last two weeks, she was at the receiving end of some serious trolling after pictures of her on a movie set surfaced.

From the pictures, it seemed her waist had shrunk even more and many social media users just had to comment with some lambasting her.

Others made fun of her comparing her shape to that of an hourglass and ‘tapoli’, a wooden grinder.

While many celebrities do not take kindly to trolling, Princess Shyngle remains unperturbed.

When Showbiz caught up with her at the Golden Tulip Hotel last Friday, where she attended the AU Arts Festival in honour of former President, John Agyekum Kufuor, she said she was not affected by the backlash and urged people to keep talking.

“Sweet, I do not care ohh, I am not bothered at all.


For those talking, they can continue talking, it is good for me, it is making news and making me relevant so I am okay with it.

You just look at me; do I look like I am bothered or uncomfortable?

“Honestly, I do not even go online to read these things, but I think it is good.

I just got back to town and came to support the Former President, John Kufour.

If this trolling happened about two years ago, I would have had issues with it and feel bad but now, I have grown past that, I have a dead goat syndrome now, “she said.

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She also debunked rumours that she had removed her intestines to get a flat stomach and smaller waist.

“They said I have taken my intestines out but look, I am going to eat so how can someone with no intestines eat? she asked.

In her bid to prove that her small waist is due to the constant use of waist trainers among others, she asked this reporter to take a closer look.


“See, what I have on is my waist trainer and that is what I use, coupled with constant exercise and eating well.

The bottom line is that, I am not perturbed.

The people talking can continue talking.”
Princess was born in the Gambia and says she is a descendant from all over Africa.

“My paternal grandparents are from Ghana and Sierra Leone respectively while my maternal grandparents are from Nigeria and Mali.”

The actress, who has featured in movies like Why Should I Get Married, The 30-Year-Old Virgin and The Mysterious Wedding Planner, majored in IT, Business and Marketing from the Gambian Business College and worked with beverage giant, Coca-Cola.

She currently has a talk show on YouTube, Hot Talk With Princess Shyngle where she shares with her fans relationship tips among others.

From: Ghana Web

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