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‘I DON’T THINK IT’S A CRIME’: Dou Sanno Confirms Giving Barrow T-Shirts To Gambian Soldiers

By Lamin Njie

Dou Sanno has said that he doesn’t think it’s a crime for him to distribute t-shirts emblazoned with President Barrow’s photo to military personnel.

Mr Sanno stated this on Thursday while confirming handing President Barrow t-shirts to a group of Gambian soldiers.

He exclusively told The Fatu Network: “Yes, I gave them t-shirts. I want to tell those people what’s right, what’s right, what’s right. Today even if you do something good for people, they will say it’s wrong.

“But I don’t see anything wrong in finding soldiers working – work that’s supposed to be done by people and you feel happy about it and you take out something which is a t-shirt and it’s not a t-shirt that belongs to a political party, a t-shirt that you know has no party symbol…

“It’s a t-shirt of the President with regard to the occasion that we came out of. It’s a t-shirt emblazoned with the development [activities] that we have with regard to the bridge. So that, man, to take that out to give it to them to tell them, ‘take this and give it to your families to wear it.’

“This is not politics. We don’t have a political party. We are not in the time of politics. We don’t have time for politics. Nothing absolutely. What I gave them is Senegambia Bridge. They are soldiers. They are the people I gave it to and they are people who are Gambians and I think they are entitled to it.”

Fatu Network

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