‘I Am Going To Expel Fabakary Tombong Jatta From The APRC’-former Army General

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“I did not expel him; how can he expel me? Instead, I am going to expel him, because I am the party leader,” former Army General and Interior Minister MA Bah told the Freedom Newspaper in an interview. Mr. Bah maintains that he is the legitimate leader of the APRC and not Fabakary Tombong Jatta.

“Jammeh appointed me, through a phone call. The entire APRC Executive members were there. He thanked Tombong for the efforts he has done for the party since taking over the mantle of leadership. Tombong conceded to the president’s decision,” Bah added.

According to Mr. Bah, Jammeh’s decision to change the APRC leadership was motivated by the party’s recent appalling performance in the recent Mayoral elections. He said Jammeh doesn’t think Fabakary can revamp the party to the expectations of its members.

” Jammeh thinks that the party is going to die if Fabakary continues to lead it. Hence, which led to his recent decision to change the Executive. The party has been in disarray,” he claimed.

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“Jammeh feels that there is no progress in the party. He was not happy with the recent election results. He decided to disband the old Executive. I was appointed by Jammeh to serve as the leader of the APRC on June 1st

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,” he added, stressing that unless Jammeh personally revokes his appointment as party leader, he will continue to lead the APRC.

“Unless Jammeh calls me, and say MA give up; I am not going to hand over to anyone. I am the party leader.  I am not going to listen to what Fabakary is saying,” he said.

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Mr. Bah added that he uses his funds to finance the APRC. He recalled financing the APRC tour in the just concluded Mayoral elections.

Mr. Bah also accused Fabakary Tombong Jatta of creating confusion within the APRC rank and file. Jatta knew very well that he was replaced by Jammeh and yet he is out to spew misleading information to the public.


“ Fabakary’s appointment was never formalized. Jammeh never gave him an appointment letter. I was appointed in his presence. He later claimed that Jammeh called to rescind his decision. I haven’t received any communication from Jammeh suggesting that I have been replaced. Fabakary created the confusion,” he added.

Bah also talked about paying a courtesy call to president Barrow with some APRC officials. He said the meeting was basically geared towards extending Ramadan season greetings to the Head of State.

“It was just a courtesy call. It was on the weekend; on a Sunday, that we met the president. We paid a courtesy call on him; just to greet him for the Ramandan,” he said.

” President Barrow told us that it is about time to come together and work for the betterment of the country. He was very receptive when we met him. He emphasized the need for us to come together and develop the Gambia,” Bah said.

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The following APRC officials met president Barrow, according to MA Bah.

Fabakary Tombong Jatta

Seedy Njie

Yankuba Colley

Sainey Mbye

MA Bah

From: Freedom Newspaper

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