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During his address, he urged for the students to be quite because learning must take place in an environment of serenity. He cited when sitting down at home and listen to the environment, one will hear sounds of diverse nature, but the mind has the capacity to concentrate on the sound that it is interested in and that is how learning takes place. He said the human being must make good use of time as the slogan says time waits for no man. He said time is irrelevant without motion; it is the movement of living and non-living that makes time relevant.

“You are the human being who must grow, physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally to become who you are today and what you become tomorrow. A human being is it stage oneself and somebody else to be somebody else, you must have a sense purpose and direction, plan for your life, target and move towards that direction with determination and resolution. That is what makes the human being”, he said. It is important for all of us to bear in mind that we are just beings just like others, we are born living beings, but we grow to become human beings. To become human beings, something must be implanted in us and without which we are not different from other beings in the world. We live in a society like we are living in a jungle, whereby everybody will live for oneself.

If we are to be human we must know why we are here today, we are here today because the school is a community and that students, teachers, parents and the whole society is here present because we live in different time. When the world was young and human beings lived in small communities, each cooperated with the other to ensure a common survival, at that period of history, there were no schools, teachers and did not have to travel this far to be here today, no need to praise anyone to build roads to get to the school and human beings lived on the readymade production and the adults helped others understand what was required to be able to ensure their common survival and developed values to be able to live together.

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The fact that the world is no longer as young as it was, has made the school teacher has chosen peer influence as the theme of his exposition. The world has become much larger, information is coming from all areas of life and human being is bombarded by this information and it is that information that is transformed into a way of thinking that will guide the behavior, the action of the individual and as well as building the personality of the individual. It is through action that behavior becomes entrenched and personality.

He said the purpose of the organ that differentiates with men, is two-fold that is through excretion and procreation, wherein that procreation will by excretion helps humans to survive and procreation helps humanity to continue, whereas procreation has time and if engaged in that procreation will lead to an examined life. He advised the students to take cognizance of the fact that life is a journey from the cradle to grave, which has numerous stations needing the support of both motherhood and fatherhood for them to have the basic necessities of life and the nurturing needed to become a human being with dignity and self-worth, which must not be allowed to dissipate.

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“You must go through stations of being a youth to come to the level that you have reached. We must congratulate all of you for taking what was required to be of major concern to you to be where you are. No human being is a failure and society is the division of labor. Everyone is vital for the existence of human society”, he said. He said schools today owing the society is no longer as small as it was where parents will transfer their skills, knowledge, and values to their children. We now live in a nation and have seen the choreography with unity in diversity all contributing to the common good. He underscored the importance for the young people to understand what is required to live in our modern society. What it requires is the sovereign human beings and that what your nation must bring you up to be, the school system is supposed to provide you so that the curriculum, teachers, learning material will impact in you the skill, value, and knowledge to become a sovereign person.

“The sovereign republic of The Gambia came into being on the 24th April 1970, Gambia became a sovereign republic and each Gambian became a sovereign citizen of The Gambia. It is affirmed that sovereignty resides in you that is why you have only one vote. You own the country, power is equal and every sovereign Gambian is equal in sovereignty”, he noted. He said you can have different languages, gender, religions, but all are equal in sovereignty and all should contribute to the building of a homeland that can guarantee liberty, dignity, and prosperity to all. As a sovereign Gambian, you cannot be a slave and be under the control of any other Gambian.

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“You are to be free, liberated, control your mind and destiny and be a human being who does not copy, but learn what is good from others to take ownership of that and make it your property. If you want to live a dignified life in the 21st century, you must own your mind and be a human being who does not copy, then your peers will not control you, but learn from each other”, he said. That is the type of Gambian you must be prepared to be and that is what the SBCE International has been trying to make you and you should leave this school to know that you are an ambassador, no matter where you are going to head to, know that learning, development and value addition will continue. So be prepared to learn to be the sovereign Gambian who will be an architect of his homeland.

By: Kexx Sanneh


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