Haruna Jatta’s family vows to sue government

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The family of Haruna Jatta who was reportedly shot to death by ECOMIG Forces in The Gambia during a riot that broke in former President Yahya Jammeh’s home village of Kanilai last year has vowed to sue President Adama Barrow – led government to the country’s Supreme Court, EOWAS, AU and the UN over the death of the 54-year-old man.

Sunday June 3, marked one year since Mr. Jatta was reportedly shot to death alongside nine others who sustained wounds.

Uncle to the late Mr. Jatta, Almameh Gibba, told our reporter in an interview that government failed to investigate the matter one year since the death of his nephew. “We are suing the Adama Barrow government to the Supreme Court and ECOWAS and other international organisations that stand for peoples’ rights.”

Mr. Gibba said they wanted the international community to put pressure on the government to tell them the people responsible for Mr. Jatta’s death and to bring them to justice. “The people of Foni and Haruna Jatta’s family will ensure that legal action is taken to bring the perpetrators to justice,” he said.

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Mr. Gibba also challenged Information Minister Demba Ali Jawo’s statement that rubber bullets were used against the Kanilai protesters, saying he was misrepresenting his position and not fair to the people of Foni and Haruna Jatta’s family. “He has no idea how the protest was done. We have videos that show that life bullets were used.”

Musa Amul Nyassi, National Assembly Member for Foni Kansala said that June 3, marks one year since the late Haruna Jatta was “brutally” killed by a Senegalese soldier serving in the ECOMIG Force during a peaceful protest in Kanilai.

“We have since then been questioning the government either through adjournment debate or question and answer sessions on their level of investigating; what led to shooting of Mr. Jatta. We are yet to receive any response from the government. Notwithstanding, the family will converge in Kanilai to recite the Quran for the late Haruna Jatta.”

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Mr. Nyassi said they will continue pursuing the matter with the government until they get a respond as to what led to his shooting. “We got the postmortem report and we have witnesses and we also have other people who sustained injuries during the incident as a result of gun shots.  So all those evidence are there. What led to his shooting in that manner is what we are trying to establish.”

He said family will converge to discuss since the government is not ready to tell them who are responsible for Haruna’s killing. “What I can say is that the family will pursue it with the government until we get an answer.”

The Foni Kansala NAM said that the comment made by the former Interior Minister Mai Ahmed Fatty was unfounded and a misrepresentation of a responsible people. “We expect public figures to give information that are accurate and correct. We don’t expect them to give information that is malicious and misleading.”


The late Mr. Jatta was reportedly shot last year when some Foni communities thronged the streets of Kanilai marching towards the Kanfenda Junction at the main Brikama-Soma highway with banners and placards that reads; “Let the Soldiers Leave the Whole of Foni, Leave, Leave, Leave”, “A call for concern, Foni should not be left out or intimidated for any reason. I love Foni!! I love Gambia!!” “Salifu Corr, Out”, among others that demanded for the ECOMIG Forces and Gambia soldiers to be removed from the Fonis, claiming that their lives were being threatened.

From: The Point

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