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By: Gambian Eyes,

One Gambian investigative Journalist Mr. Pa Modou Jarra has received regular grudge from various organizations in the Gambia.

Some government officials (name withheld) including others from Gambia press union have unjustifiably blocked Mr.Pa Modou Jarra deliberately.

Mr. Jarra has gathered facts concerning various corruption from few Gambian departments which he will expose later.

Right now he is making a follow-up on two cases from both office of the president at state house and the Gambia press union.

However,Mr.Jarra called the state secretary in order to cover the presidential tour as a media practitioner, the state secretary Mrs.Amie Bojang Sissoho tried her best for Mr.Jarra to take part in the presidential tour but was blocked by one state house media official (name witheld).

The Gambian President Adama Barrow made it very clear that his government is for all Gambians and he called all citizens to contribute positively in his government agenda.

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Therefore, it will be a surprising corruption for government officials to block Gambian citizens to contribute for the socio-economic development of the Gambia.

The number of investigative Journalists in the Gambia is very minimal or few, the Gambia press union on 16th July, 2018 sent some of its members for two months intensive training on investigative Journalism at the university of the Gambia.

The Gambia press union said they don’t have investigative Journalist and they want their members to participate in the field of investigative Journalism.

It would have been a wise idea for the Gambia press union to invite Pa Modou Jarra as a trained investigative Journalist.

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