Government is not taking responsibility concerning its victims.

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By Arfang M.S. Camara

The chairman of Gambia Center for Victims of Human Rights Violations (GCVHRV), Sheriff Kijera, has said that the government of the Gambia is not owning up to their responsibility, adding that the Gambia cannot support its victims by depending entirely on foreign aid.

Kinteh said the government should pick up their responsibility by setting up the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRRC) commissioners and not leave it in the hands of UNDP or other international organisations to provide funding for the selection of commissioner for the TRRC.

Mr. Kijera was speaking Saturday during a policy dialogue series organised by Tango on the topic: restoring the human rights and dignity of victims: Empowering victims and survivors within the TRRC.

Kijera in his words added that “denomination of commissioners in the TRRC should be the responsibility of government. What is D1 million? Whatever process the government is in, they always out holding a basket begging for funds throughout the whole world.


” That is embarrassing for our country, we have been reduced to beggars and I think we need to change that status.” He said.

He mentioned that the Gambia cannot depend on foreign aid to provide justice for its people, adding that they should setup the pace so that others can come and help, saying that it should be part of their budget.

Mr. Kijera went on to ask questions about the D80 million budget to the Ministry of Justice, D900 million budget for the Office of The President, adding that people need to look at these things as far as allocation of budgets are concern

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“The youths constitute 60% of the Gambian population and the youth budget which goes with sports amounted to D68 million. What can this budget do for the youth of this country, this will rather make them engage in dangerous trips or “Back-way”. He said

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He called on the Gambia government to focus on the youth by allocating more budget for them, saying that all of these are human rights violation. He added that the government is not owning up to their responsibility and that alone is human rights violation.

According to him, the government depends on tax payer’s money and that money should be utilised effectively and wisely to educate, develop and create employment opportunities for citizens.

He added that victims have been left alone for a long time now, noting that the change in the country came from the victims themselves because each and every Gambian is a victim be it directly or indirectly

He added that being self-critical does not mean one is an opposition, noting that they have to criticize their own development agendas and programs so as to make things go right. He said that part of development one must accept to be criticized so that effective and meaningful development can take place.

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From: The Fatu Network

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