GDC Braces Up For Mass Political Rallies in Upcoming Nationwide Tour.

Kaw Yerro

GDC Braces Up For Mass Political Rallies in Upcoming Nationwide Tour.

The strongest opposition party in the Gambia , GDC is bracing up to hold major political rallies in its upcoming Nationwide tour next week.

The party’s great and visionary leader, Hon. Mamma Kandeh will deliver great speeches and will address the concerns of Gambians during this tour.

President Barrow and his corrupt officials are bent on campaigning to consolidate themselves in power than concentrating on the country’s development.

They don’t want people to talk about the 3 years agreement because of their selfish interest. Even if the opposition accuse them of being corrupt they will never respond but once you talk about the 3 years agreement, everyone in and around the government circle start attacking you.

Let the GDC’s political enemies get ready to twist Hon. Mamma Kandeh’s statement again because he will continue to attack the president on the 3 years agreement failure and many other burning issues affecting the country. The GDC’s development programme and policies will also be discussed.
The farmers concerns will be raised and our party as an opposition will also hold government accountable on their duties for the country.

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MC Cham Jnr
National Youth President

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