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Gambia:YHRI to increase human rights education in Gambia.

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YHRI to increase human rights education in Gambia.

Youth for Human Rights Intern ational is set to increase its human rights education initiatives in the Gambia as part of efforts to accelerate broader understanding among young people especially on issues related to good citizenship, respect for the rule of law and participatory democracy.
It would be recalled that the organization had partnered with a London-based “3DGam” association which is also registered in The Gambia as a charity, to rollout human rights education in 81 selected schools across The Gambia.
The 30 articles of the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” have been translated into local Gambian languages for ease of understanding.
The launch of the human rights education for schools in July 2018 was attended by cabinet ministers and senior government officials, who praised the Youth for Human Rights International, the International Association of Scientologists and its partners the 3DGam for an important initiative.

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Information and Communication Minister Mr Ebrima Sillah while thanking the Youth for Human Rights International, assured that the human rights education for schools was an important first step that could possibly be introduced in The Gambian school curriculum.
The International Association of Scientologists also sponsors a drug education initiative bringing the Truth About Drugs to youth across the world. An initial discussion which was graced by Minister Sillah in his recent visit to London discussed the need to target both drug addicts and young people in general to enlighten and sensitise them in curbing the menace of drug abuse in The Gambia. “A drug free Gambia, a more productive Gambia”, said the Minister.

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The Truth About Drugs education program includes resource materials in the form of DVDs and booklets and would be beneficial to both youth and adults in raising high level awareness on the truth about different types and categories drugs and their negative impact not only the users/addicts but for the society in general. Drug abuse related issues would be highlighted by these materials and generate greater understanding of the truth about harmful drugs.
Amadou Marong of 3DGam & 3DGamGlobal thanks the International Association of Scientologists for their support in making the human rights materials available in The Gambia Schools and is currently discussing the potential of making the drug educational materials also available to Gambian youth and related bodies.

Now Read This:  President Adama Barrow has led Gambian voters out early on Saturday to cast votes in mayoral elections in the capital Banjul and across the country's municipalities. Img : Gambia: Barrow leads voters out for mayoral elections Figures from the Independent Electoral Commission suggest that over 800, 000 Gambians are registered to vote in mayoral elections for the country’s seven municipalities namely Banjul, Kanifing, Brikama, Kerewan, Mansa Konko, Jangjangbureh and Basse. 38 candidates are in the race to head such municipalities, to close Gambia’s election cycle which began with presidential elections in December 2016, followed by National Assembly and Local councillorship elections in April 2017 and April 2018 respectively. Voting for the mayoral elections with marbles started as early as 7 8 a.m. with President Barrow and First Lady casting their votes in Yarambamba, where the Gambian leader maintains his private residence, 15 km outside Banjul. Aside from the presidential poll, voter turnout in subsequent elections has been poor, prompting concern from the IEC to educate Gambians about the need to exercise their right to choose their representatives at local level. Speaking to reporters on the issue shortly after casting his vote, President Barrow wearing a flowing white robe, said exercising such a civic right by him was a way of leading Gambians by example. “As we vote for councils, people who would represent us in those councils that collect our taxes, I think it is important to decide who should take responsibility for it” he said. ‘We contested elections based on the principle of democracy and so we want to ensure that democracy continues” he added.

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