Gambia’s Former President Linked to Paramilitary Massacre

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A paramilitary unit controlled by then-Gambian president Yahya Jammeh summarily executed more than 50 West African migrants in July 2005, Human Rights Watch and TRIAL International said today. Witnesses identified the “Junglers,” a notorious unit that took its orders from Jammeh, as those who carried out the killings.

The “staggering casualty levels” on Gaza’s border with Israel – where at least 58 Palestinians have been shot dead and almost 3,000 injured – are not the result of justifiable force or isolated abuses. Instead, the terrible bloodshed is the result of senior Israeli officials’ orders on the use of force, says HRW.

Staying with Israel, HRW has petitioned an Israeli district court after Israeli authorities revoked the work permit for Omar Shakir, HRW’s Israel and Palestine director, on May 7 and ordered him to leave Israel within 14 days.

Following the murder of a park ranger and the kidnapping of two foreign tourists,authorities in DR Congo should do more to show they are serious about ending the kidnapping scourge and protecting those who travel to Virunga National Park.

Breaking news from Malaysia, where the opposition politician Anwar Ibrahim has been freed from jail. Once seen as a future leader, he was jailed three years ago on what he said were trumped-up sodomy and corruption charges after falling out with the government.

With the football World Cup set to start in Russia in less than a month, authorities there have backtracked on their refusal to grant admission to the German investigative journalist Hajo Seppelt, and have now granted him a visa.

Lebanon’s beleaguered gay pride week was cancelled a couple of days into the celebrations after its organizer was briefly detained, he and his lawyer said Tuesday. Lebanon became the first Arab country to celebrate gay pride last year, but homosexuality is still taboo in Lebanon.

With the Uzbek President set to meet US President Donald Trump today, the Uzbek government should ensure that the modest steps to reform it’s already taken lead to “enduring and effective human rights protection” for all of Uzbekistan’s citizens.

Coordinated suicide bombings of three Christian churches in Indonesia were “repugnant acts of violence”, made worse by the attackers intentionally used their own children to either detonate explosives or accompany their parents during the attacks, HRW has said.

Top fashion brands are meeting experts in sustainable business in Denmark this week to exchange innovative ideas at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, where transparency in the garment industry will be a key topic for discussion.

And finally, a teenager in Sudan is facing the death penalty for killing her husband– who she’d been forced to marry – as he tried to rape her. The case of Noura Hussein has touched a nerve around the world, and there are growing calls for her sentence to be overturned.

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