Gambia’s Barrow makes good governance vow

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Gambian President Adama Barrow has vowed to realize an administrative success story that will be a permanent template for democracy and good governance in his country.President Barrow was speaking on Monday at a high level peace-building commission advocacy meeting at the UN headquarters in New York ahead of an international conference on the same subject in Brussels.

He said from the onset his government, had embarked on a number of initiatives with a view to consolidating the democratic gains and good governance cognizant of the urgent need for peace-building and sustaining stability.

“With the adoption of our new National Development Plan 2018-2021, the priorities of my government are geared towards economic growth and transformation with emphasis on peacebuilding and sustaining peace,” he stated.

He said in recent months his government has adopted a National Development Plan (NDP) for the period 2018 to 2021, prioritizing key areas such as democracy, transparency, rule of law and economic growth as preconditions for sustainable peace and development.


President Barrow said in pursuit of sustainable peace within and beyond The Gambia, his government is imbued with a strong conviction that these areas of concern “must be mainstreamed in the national efforts to build peace and sustain it over the long term.”

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He added: “It is our resolve to achieve sustainable peace in The Gambia, by investing in economic growth, guided by the rule of law, democracy, and transparency”.

He vowed that good governance, institutional reforms, and people-centered approaches will continue to inform his government’s peace-building efforts.

President Barrow reiterated `his commitment to an enabling environment that encourages constructive criticism, including a new and vigorous role for civil society.

Expounding on human resource capacity-building, Barrow said his year-old coalition government is strongly committed to taking its responsibility to provide the citizenry with an atmosphere that is conducive to support the development of their full potential in order to grow as a people in a sustained peaceful environment.

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The Gambian leader expressed his conviction that it is the collective responsibility of government, the private Sector, civil society, inter-governmental organisations and partners, to ensure that the Brussels conference is a success “to accompanying us beyond ensuring that the vision as expressed in the National Development Plan is converted into reality.

From: Journal du Cameroun

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