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Gambians Returnees Share Dangers of Irregular Migration

Gambians Returnees Share Dangers of Irregular Migration
By Aja Dahaba
Youths against Irregular Migration continued the sensitization caravan in the
Lower River Region communities of Pakaliba, Bureng, Japineh, Sankuya and Jarra
Soma in school and community gathering.
The sensitization caravan is to increase awareness on irregular migration and help
reducing the incident related to it in the Gambia.
Gambian returnees who warn of the dangers of irregular migration and advocate
for migrants right founded YAIM. They speak in town and village gathering, on
radio, social media and organize caravan tours to take their message to other
regions of the country.
The village heads and other members of the village came out to listen to the
message of the returnees, as well women were also present and a public address
system was used to speak to the community.
A young female returnee by the name Fatou Cham also took time to explained
her experience, as she recounted her story of life in Libya, another female
colleague by the name Oumie Camara moved away from the crowd with tears
rolling down her face recalling her own painful experiences.
It was a visible that the message sang into the hearts of many of the gathered
community leaders and villagers didn’t not know that the migrants go through
such things on the journey to Europe. We encouraged them to go because they
had ambitions to make lives better for us here and there were no jobs they could
do here. 45year old woman said.

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