Gambians is time you stand up and ask this Mr Njie to live office

is time you stand up and ask  Mr Njie to live office . If you don’t do that soon he will finish your lives Gambia. We have 3 weeks left for the end of the year this man is asking Gambians to give him 1.3b for what. So how much is he going to ask for the year 2019 then. Gambia will tell you why they asking this much. Is because Adama Barrow here what ousainou Daboe say now barrow is not sure what will happen to him so now they are going to take as much money they can before 2021. I love barrow and I want him to do good but the country fost. This people like mambory Njie They will put Adama Barrow in a box . Adama Barrow sent mambory Njie out do it now if not he will finish you up. People like Dou Sanno he love you and he will be with you till the end . But mambory Njie he will put in a box. We tell you now.

Now Read This:  GAMBIA:"I deeply believe it with all my heart and soul. Democracy is not a farce, but real. I know people power is not just a slogan but an assertion. I know that these people are capable of doing everything.

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