Gambian President allots 10 percent of salary to flagship dev plan

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Gambian President Adama Barrow has announced taking a personal salary cut which would be diverted to funding a flagship development scheme in his country.Speaking at the Banjul International Airport shortly after returning from Brussels on Friday, President Barrow said he would henceforth direct that 10 percent of his monthly salary be allotted to his government’s much vaunted National Development Plan (NDP) which was launched earlier this year.

Since the upward revision of the pay scale for the occupant of the presidency in 2014, like his predecessor Yahya Jammeh before him, the current Gambian leader allegedly earns $42,000 or D200, 000 per annum.

This came after earlier upward salary revisions for the president in 2004 and 2008.

Barrow’s five-year National Development Plan (NDP) seeks to transform The Gambia’s struggling economy into a vibrant and prosperous industry.

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His announced salary cut came as he made a triumphant return to Banjul later on Friday from Brussels where he had led a Gambian delegation to a donor conference that was looking to raise money to help fund the country’s development drive.

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The conference had ended with donors plegding a whopping €1.45 billion to help fix The Gambia’s struggling economy

Barrow’s government was elected on a platform that promised to improve the economy and raise the livelihoods of Gambians.

His government had accused Jammeh of emptying state coffers before fleeing to Equatorial Guinea after his shock election defeat in December 2016.

From: Journal du Cameroun

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