Gambian IS suspect held in Naples

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Gambian IS suspect held in NaplesNaples, April 17 (AKI) Italian anti-terror police said they arrested a Gambian asylum-seeker in the southern city of Naples who is alleged to have joined the Islamic State jihadist group and to be involved in a plot to drive a car into a crowd.

On the orders of a Naples judge, 21-year-old Touray Alagie was held at an Islamic cultural centre in the Pozzuoli suburb of Naples at the request of anti-terrorism prosecutors on Wednesday, police said.

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Algaie filmed himself swearing allegiance to IS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi while staying at a migrant hostel in Pozzuoli where he had lived for 18 months, according to investigators.

The suspect “showed himself willing to carry out acts of terrorism,” investigators said.

From: Social News XYZ

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