Gambian farmer eyes mechanical farming

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A prominent Gambian farmer in Kerewan Touray village in Central River Region’s Niamina East district has said he would be engaging in mechanic farming if the government gives him the space.

Speaking to this reporter at his Brikama Jamisa Ice Plant residence, Fa Lamin Touray outlined his intentions in the area of mechanical farming. He was trained as an agriculturist at the MamutFana mixed farming centre and graduated with Grade A.

According to Touray, he travelled to France in 1973 and has now returned to his country to boost agricultural production and productivity for food self-sufficiency.

He said he is a well-determined agriculturalist who has imported tractors and other farming implements from France in preparation for his engagement in mechanical agriculture. “I shared my intention with the former Government to work on railways in the country because I have been in railway work in France for 33 years,” Touray said.

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But he said the conditions and reasons former President Yahya Jammeh’s government put before him was that railways did not favor the government and the country in general which discouraged him and forced him to forget about the whole thing.

He said ironically, those were the days when Yahya Jammeh said he will build a railway route from Barra to Passamass.

Mr. Touray said he has already sent a letter to the agriculture minister Omar Jallow to discuss the issue with him. “Minister Jallow was preparing to go on a nationwide tour but promised to call me for discussions on the matter when he returns but until now I have found it difficult to see him.”

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb

From: The Point

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