Gambian exploring new innovations

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With the recent launch of his new Youtube TV channel dubbed 2-Rayz TV channel, Gambia-born movie actor and chief executive officer of 2-Rays Syndicate Modoulamin Touray commonly called DJ Lil Sisqo continues to explore more new innovations.

Barely 32 hours after the launch of the new initiative, the Norway-based actor’s Youtube channel became one of the top 10 trending channels in Gambia’s neighboring Senegal. The channel was initially at #47 spot but is now among the top 10 through Touray’s pragmatic and engineering expertise.

“2-Rayz TV is the home of African cinema and the revolution of story telling. We capture the sunrise and sunset of Africa and bring it to you live on your devices. You can watch us anywhere you are in the world. We provide spectacular, mesmerizing, astonishing latest African films, series, interviews, live broadcasting, latest news and gossips from African celebrities,” Touray told Sine Entertainment.

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Touray began his career with the then popular Radio 1 FM where he worked for almost 6 years; responsible for interviewing both national and international artistes and was part of the marketing team.

His voice was heard in many radio adverts and was the programme leader (host) for one of the most popular shows in The Gambia.

In 2004, he started his own company called 2-Rayz Syndicate where he organises shows, festivals, carnivals and clubbing.

Author: Sheriff Janko

From: The Point

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