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Gambia:GTSC To Compensate Bus Fire Victims

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By Lamin Njie

The Gambia Transport Service Company has said that it will compensate at least 60 passengers following Monday’s bus fire incident.

A GTSC bus bound for the Upper River Region on Monday ploughed into a motorcycle in Kanfenda, Foni Kansala. The bus then caught fire resulting in the destruction of passengers’ luggage and other belongings.

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The marketing manager of GTSC Fabukay Njie told The Fatu Network on Wednesday that all passengers who “lost their belongings to the fire will be refunded.”

“We’ve put out a notice for people to come forward and fill a form and then we will start refunding. And we say sorry for our customers for this incident,” Mr Njie said.

According to Njie, the bus fire incident happened on Monday.

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“This happened on Monday. There was this motorcyclist and his passenger. The latter got off the bike at Kanfenda to board a gele gele. The motorcyclist then took an abrupt U-turn. After realizing that the bus was too close to him, he jumped the motorcycle. The motorcycle was left lying on the road and the bus then collided with it,” he said.

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“It was the motorcycle that caught fire and because it was under the bus, the bus also caught fire. It was risky and as a safety measure of the company we don’t allow people to attempt to retrieve their things when such incidents happen.”

BY:Fatu Network,

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