Gambia: Yankuba Kolley and Fabakary Tombong Jatta are beneficiaries of Yahya Jammeh’s political clientelism

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By: Abdoukarim Sanneh,

We have a government consumed with a liberal virus and never listen. APRC should be ban well before. This is not a political party but cult movement. These silly bunch of idiots still show no remote to our pain and suffering. When Yaya Jammeh took over in July 1994, debt burden stands at 75% of GDP. When he left in December 2016, our debt burden stands at120% of GDP. We are virtually a bankrupt nation with numerous development challenges among which youth unemployment and a lot of economic productivity because of the shortage of skill and well trained professional. Beyond that, we are still in determining the number of skeletons in Yaya Jammeh’s cupboard. 22 years of neopatrimonial state and the making of political clientelism based patronage and financial gain from our looted coffers which the butcher and during the time of butcherbird was throwing out looted financial resources to useless and aimless citizens that only way to end this naked loyalty was to ban the cult-like movement called a political party. Unfortunately, Adama Barrow and his government were too much consumed by what Samir Amin called liberal virus in the name of democracy.

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Lie Lemon Abdoukarim Sanneh —>>> you have feed my soul well analysed piece bro hope the goverment will listen to this article wake up from there sleeping idealessness an react swiftly.

ONLY a real Pan Africanist Die hearth ideology can save us out in this critical moments of Gambia but not a govenment of patronage, amazing wealth, western luxury lifestyle ,land grabbing exploitation, corruption ,an nepotism will not save us out.

Seems yaya jammeh is still in half controll.

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