Gambia: Yankuba Colley should be arrested for threatening the security of the country

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By: Jallow Yerro N.,

The revelation of the leaked telephone conversation between Jammeh and APRC executives particularly Yankuba Colley is ample evidence, giving the course for arrest, and charge of Yankuba Colley. Yankuba should be charged for treason; threatening the government, threatening security, and stability of the country, and agitating a fragile tranquility of the nation. This now gives course to ban APRC to allow our nation to recover from the treacherous, inhumane, and bad governance of the Jammeh government. Our democracy is fragile, allowing no luxury for even an iota of agitation from perpetrators of one of the worst dictatorships in the 20th & 21st century. This is not about an individual, or party interest; the survival of Gambia is now at stake. I hope we all denounce this act by Yankuba Colley. He is an enemy to the State of Gambia, and therefore our enemy.

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This is an audio that shouldn’t be taking lightly. No matter what it aims to accomplish, we are as citizens are vulnerable. Jammeh still has supports especially the underperformed leadership from the expectations of this current government. Instead of prosecuted the criminals of Jammehism, they are pleasing many of these folks. Right now, Jammeh is laughing at us as we could detect from the audio. We, the citizens with the country in heart must stand tall together to defend our new young democracy. Long live our new democracy.



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