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“Yes sir, yes sir! Sir you are right, you told me sir. Sir we will always be behind you with our full support. Sir as you wish, Bo Badjie will be expelled from APRC”
Fabakary Tombong addressing former dictator Yaya Jammeh with the inferior complexities still kicking in him. Age they say, comes with wisdom but I doubt if this man has any in his head. After over 20 years of lying and misleading to him, F abakary is still a captive to Jammeh

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’s mental and psych maneuvering.
Jammeh had a cure for HIV and Fab bought into that. Only when he was exposed did it Fab realized the catastrophic nature of that scam.

Visions of all kinds, sizes and types from 2016 to 2020 and Fab fell for all. We are still importing a heavy quantity of our Agric products. Has this man ever question the hell of scams Jammeh wool over him.
Jammeh is still swearing and Fabakary still not caught up with the bologna he is been driven to believe in. Jammeh swore;
– That he will rule the Gambia for a billion more years only to be shellacked and expelled just a mere year later, and Fabakary is still not up from the slumber.
– That a Mandinka will never sit at the helm of the Gambian presidency ever again only to be defeated and embarrassed at his own game, replaced by one. And unless Fabs is weighing into claiming a different identity, why is this son of Nuimi bothering.
And now of the WhatsApp audios make circles around of the shameless duos.
The usual pattern of fibs and blind acceptance of what WILL never happened. Yaya Jammeh

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 in the audio saying he is keeping quiet about The Gambia government because he doesn’t want to cause us problems; that if he speaks the whole whole will listen to him and the reputation of our govt may be in peril.
Well let’s dare him and if he must, he must be bold enough to say all.
And for Fabakary Tombong Jatta, isn’t it about time he thinks on his own, isn’t it time he uses his old age and if there is any wisdom in him into a good use.
Else, isn’t it time Nuimi give the ultimate sacrifice. Tombong has got to be banished.

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By: Lamin A Tunkara & Gambia News Today Youtube Channel

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