Gambia: Yahya Jammeh Might Rule Gambia Again If …..

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By: Musa Kujabi‎,

Yea after all what Yahya Jammeh did and all allegation against him he is still stronger than before while in exile.
After listening to a lot of his conversations with his APRC members, he is still confident he will rule the Gambia again and he orders his APRC members what to do.
He is speaking with a confident voice like when it’s time for me to come back to the Gambia nobody can do something about it and that will be soon he says……
This another alert to the new government that our security is in threat any time from now If ECOMAIG leaves Gambia Yahya will kick them out of the state house because he has people who are loyal to him, both in the security sector and internal government itself.
Hence all this is happening in their legs may allah almighty help us.

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