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Momodou Badjie, President Barrow’s National Security Adviser has said that plans are underway to draft the national security policy to serve as a guideline for the sector.

Badjie, a former Deputy Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) told journalists that the basis of the Security Sector Reform is to transform the security sector into an effective, transparent, accountable and a civil authority institute. He adduced that the security sector in the past regime suffered due to an authoritarian rule.

“The security sector was not adhering to the core principles of the profession,” Security Adviser Badjie said.

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The retired military chief made these statements at the mainstream gender training of the security sector at the Joint Officers Mess in Kotu.

“Gender equity is a target in the security reform agenda,” he added.

Badjie highlighted the nationwide assessments that revealed malfunctions, inadequate trainings, lack of transparency and gender bias amongst others in the country’s security sector. He added that the recommendations would stand as guidelines for the security sector reform.

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“We are training the security on gender responsiveness”

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