Gambia: War At Gamtel; As Insiders Are Having A Go At Each Other Over The MGI Call Termination Issue

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REPLY TO SO-CALLED-GAMTEL INSIDER STORY CAPTIONED “Smoking Gun Uncovered At Gamtel-Facts About MGI And The Gateway”

GAMTEL, BANJUL, THE GAMBIA–Pa Nderry, I am vindicated by the SO-CALLED GAMTEL insider, who and the entire MGI enablers are doubling efforts to fight for the FREE DOLLARS from MGI BALLA JERSEY…

I want to thank the SO-CALLED GAMTEL INSIDER for the unpatriotic and UN-GAMBIAN and selfish attitude them the MGI enablers always portrays and willing to stake their dignity and integrity to fight for the course and interest of MGI. For GOD shake, why can’t the SO-CALLED INSIDER fight for the interest of GAMTEL and GAMBIA or turn a fresh page and pave the way for a new gateway manager ??? I have the belief that the SO-CALLED INSIDER is HALF-GAMBIAN; looks like he/she is from CASSAMANCE just like the GOD FATHER of the whole shady MGI deal RETIRED GENERAL, FIELD MARSHAL, DOCTOR, PROFESSOR, SHEIHK, YAHYA JAMUS JUNKUNG, BAABILI MANSA JAMMEH.

Please inform the insider-enabler that the bonafide and decent staff of GAMTEL are on top of the episode more than the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT, THE SECRETARY GENERAL and all those bent on making the deal. WE ARE HERE FOR GOOD and will dictate and they follow. With or without MR. SUSO or the President nor the Secretary General, GAMBIANS interest has to and will continue henceforth to prevail.

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See the attached letter prior to the termination of the contract and please let the INSIDER-ENABLER or MGI REP which ever fits, address and respond to the letter first on behalf of MGI. These dangerous elements in our society have no BESSINGS from their parents’ homes (AMUN NYAAN). Why fight for someone’s interest and can’t even sit back and know that the gateway is GAMBIA’s and GAMTEL. The gateway was fully manned by  GAMTEL when the entire traffic was through the satellite and more difficult to manage than the current submarine cable system. GAMTEL had the competence and trained personnel taking care of every bit of the gateway; from service delivery to ticketing to billing and all what is involved. And even with MGI most of the work is done by GAMTEL staff.

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Everyone can now see how the State House contradicts its office. SEE AND ANALYSE the attached letter and the letter the INSIDER-ENABLER posted. All these were the making of the MGI CARTEL and the enablers. President Barrow should be very, very careful with these sycophants, hypocrites, selfish and unpatriotic liars who are fabricating stories for selfish gains. What do the unpatriotic insider mean by (((BYPASS))); the same term BABU SANYANG used at the commission ????? What does BABU knows in that FIELD of telecoms. What a bunch of liars.

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In taking over the gateway, GAMTEL pushed aside all that belong to MGI and provided our own circuits and trunks to the partners, interconnected all required machinery up to billing with limited resources and no financial backing. And all the equipment acquired in the name of GAMTEL and with our money like the DPI, Fraud detection System have not been handed over neither functional up till now. Probably you as an INSIDE-ENABLER can facilitate and make sure that is handed back to GAMTEL so that your deals in the heart of the LANDING STATION to terminate calls for one of the GSM operators can stop. This will be a breaking news very soon and need not to elaborate on that much as it’s under secret investigation.

…HAVE TO STOP NOW and will come back on the INSIDER-ENABLER letter soon in my next write-up…

Written By An Insider

Editors Note: The views expressed by the author do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention.

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From: Freedom Newspaper

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