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Gambia: Tourism minister acknowledges ex-VP Darboe’s generosity

The minister of Tourism and Culture Hamat N.K. Bah has without reservation acknowledged the tremendous support of former veep Ousainou Darboe during his time in cabinet and foreign service in accepting to house Gambian Destination Managers at The Gambian embassies around the world free of charge.

Addressing journalists at a recent press briefing convened by his Ministry at The Gambia Tourism and Hospitality Institute, Minister Bah said people have to acknowledge the fact and good deed of others, maintained that when he newly took over at the Ministry of Tourism and Culture in 2017, he found it unintelligible to hire foreign PR Firms to sell Destination Gambia.

These PR Firms, he said, were being paid thousands of pounds a month to millions from taxpayers money, which he stopped and instead recruited Gambians to do the job as destination managers.

Minister Bah indicated that the position was then created and Gambians were deployed to promote the destination in other countries.

He extolled the former-veep Darboe for being very instrumental on the issue.

He added; “I must thank the former Vice President, former Minister of Foreign Affairs for supporting that process by also accepting to house all our destination managers in The Gambia embassies free of charge.”

He disclosed that the former vice president was very supportive of the new policy the Ministry took to get rid of those PR Firms and hiring Gambians for the jobs.

“Also, while at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers us places in all Gambians embassies in the world to house our (Ministry and GTBoard) staffs at no cost and that really was a magnanimous decision from him,” Minister Bah added.

Author: Yunus S Saliu


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