Gambia: Today’s big rain in Banjul – a glimpse of Hagan and Hurst street (GAMBIAN REACT ON SOCIAL MEDIA)

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Wahab Taa Saidy – Let the current government make good drainage system in Banjul before selling our sovereignty to the Chinese people in the name of Banjul-Barra bridge.
This is perseverance street, Banjul


Chucks Micheal Jallow Let the clueless president fix this in banjul first

Jamal Ous I guess you guys were never in Banjul for the past 50 years since this is new to you ! SMDH

Lamin Jaiteh Shut up idiot were is the New Gambia, that’s our question.

Jamal Ous Shoved right inside your where the sun wouldn’t shine 🙂 !!!


Invincible M L Drammeh Jamal Ous the time i was living in Banjul u will not find this no where no matter how heavy it rains.

Kinneh Ndiaye Wrong Jamal it was never like that .font quote a time you weren’t around for . or were you but forgot .lol

Bass Sonko Subhanallah…. Can anyone call this a capital city? 🙈Ana Mayoress Binbin? Jehh, lihew hana? 🤔

Chucks Micheal Jallow Bass sonko please be honest to mayoress rohey lowe because she promised the banjulian 3 things bimbin/dewtirr/konkohfish so lets be fair to her basssssssss please she never mention development

Bass Sonko Hahaaaa 😂😂😂 But even those three pledges yepamanké, Chucks Micheal Jallow lol

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Chucks Micheal Jallow Bass Sonko yes u right i hear that now a days konkohfish is very expensive

Kinneh Ndiaye Clueless .she never promised anything anyway do don’t pester her. She is busy visiting the marabout’s and preparing her container from China after all her surrogates went .

Bun Dawud Tkr I lived in Banjul within 2004 to 2006 at Dubsin street that time Banjul was Banjul. But after went back home in 2018 i visited Banjul I was like 😢😢. Really Mr President need to look back at such issues in Banjul very sad chaiiiii

Lamine Mls Mls Darboe i don’t understand, I see this gained evriday in Angola ,I live in Angola Luanda, I’m from Gambia in brikama, how is responsible for



Pa Louis Thomasi Wa this is right in front of our own house. Fix Banjul first before fixing the bridge Mr.President. A mega city before a mega bridge.

Salieu Sanyang We Banjulians should open our eyes and not wait for this so called presidents who don’t have Banjul at heart, we banjulians should take responsibilities and take the capital in our own hands and do something for ourselves rather than this selfish leaders we are waiting for.

Sylvanus Leigh We voted UDP. It’s time we taste our own medicine…

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Fatima Emma Jatta No I don’t believe this is a dream

Matthias George Jatta – President Barrow, the promises should start at your yard – Banjul!


Kumba Conateh Mayoress must see this. Banjul needs help.

Sona Green Energy I think we need little Bridges all over town to cross when it rains then think sbout bridging Banjull Barra

Maimuna Nancy Singhateh It’s very sad to see Banjul this way.

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Fatou Jallow Banjul is sinking and the government doesn’t care. This is very sad and annoying

Fulani Tukulor – Banjul is flooding while the Mayoress of the city is still trying to load a container full of Kong to Dakar..😀😀😀



Abdoulie Lowe – So Moses saw the rain coming to Banjul and he ran away and promise the people of Niumi a bridge? This is Banjul as we speak… smdh… Should we celebrate a mere promise of a billion dollars bridge or ask for roads and an efficient drainage system for Banjulians? You decide!


Nagiru Jabi — Masha Allah my dear brother there too many priorities development the government needs to develop before spending 2billion dollars on Banjul – Barra bridge. Which will bring more job loss, business closure and virtual ghost town at both end. Let’s equip the hospitals, sanitation, electricity, water, better schools, you can continue naming more and more. These are priorities NOT Banjul – Barra bridge
Nyang Njie — Infrastructure, Infrastructure, Infrastructure. This is Gambia’s greatest deficiency as it relates to our development aspirations. The foundation of eco o.ic prosperity and socioeconomic development is anchored on sound public infrastructural portfolio. Key on this portfolio is drainage. Gamvia from independence to date has inherited poor drainage problem but to compound this festering perennial problem, we have relegated urban planning in the back benches of our development tools.

Public poli y practitioners particularly urban planners are either myopic or indifferent to the forces of the torrential downpours that consume the Gambian metropolis every 8 months. Building sustainable communities starts with having functional drain systems and waste disposal. Our national infrastructure deficit especially within the Greater Banjul Area calls for an emergency summit between the local governments and the national government to chart a way forward both in terms of policy and funding mechanisms to ameliorate the plight of city dwellers. Let’s be focused and resolute about our development aspirations. Finally, we need an integrated approach to development not a modular concept.

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