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Gambia: The Social Security And Housing Finance Corporation Saga Is Not A National Security Matter


I am indeed utterly dismayed by the fact that even after the task force set up by the President to probe into the claims of the staff of the SSHFC concluded its work and submitted a report, their still seems to be motives bent on further damaging the reputation of the corporation. Folks, Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation is the bread basket of hundreds of Gambians who eventually draw funds from the corporation upon their retirement. Two hundred (200) or so staff that felt disgruntled as a result of the reforms initiated by Mr. Manjang or their unfounded corruption claims against him should not be a torn in the flesh for the Gambian nation.

I am equally surprised that one of the self-inflicted disgruntled staff decided to take the matter to the Director General of the State Intelligence Service clearly threatening the Gambian nation with severe repercussions should any attempt be made at taking disciplinary action against them.  To me, the letter penned to the Director General of the State Intelligence Service as per story on the Standard Newspaper of October 22, 2018 is just an idle threat. The 200 self-inflicted disgruntled staff of this corporation do not have the power to plunge the nation into chaos. The writer of the letter must be high on something to believe that we are going see an escalation of tension which could threaten the security of the country. Similarly, I do not see how and why the Director General of the State Intelligence Service has any influence on the efforts of the government to implement a report meant to end the saga at the SSHFC.  The Barrow government is duty bound to implement the recommendations of the task force.

The staff of the corporation could have explored other avenues to address their grief and not to padlock the gates of the corporation for flimsy and inconsistent demands that would not add anything to the country’s national development efforts. Selfish personal interests and indiscipline were among the motives of the self-inflicted disgruntled staff of the corporation.  Looking at the loan profile of the staff, it seems they owe so much to the corporation and so what is the reason for all the noise?

Also just a note of caution folks, it is one thing to sit at the comfort of a keyboard to support the action of the staff but we can all avoid being culpable in further encouraging actions that retards the peace and prosperity of the country. Advocating for violence as in the case of the letter to the DG of the State Intelligence Service or some other kind of upheaval in the country does no good for anyone. Peace is the way forward and this is the reason why Barrow instituted a task force to probe into the matter.

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