Gambia: The Leaked Audio Will Boost The Morale Of The Aprc – Yankuba Colley

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By Ousman A. Marong Mamos TV Reporter,

The National Mobiliser of the APRC party, Yankuba Colley has said that the leaked audio of the conversation between the former president Yahya Jammeh, also founder of the APRC party; and himself (Yankuba Colley) and Fabakary Tombong Jatta, interim party leader of the APRC, will boost the morale of their party.
Colley said the person who leaked their conversation might be thinking that he/she has scored some political points, not knowing that the person is helping them (APRC) in boosting the morals of the APRC party.
He added: “Our party surrogates were very happy to hear the voice of our party leader after a longtime.That alone is a plus to us and the entire party supporters.” Colley said he does not know who leaked the audio conversation between him and the former president Jammeh.

“I don’t know who leaked it and how was it leaked,” said Colley. He said he was shocked after the audio went viral on social media such as WhatsApp, facebook and even some radio stations.
According to him, the person who leaked the audio had an ill will or personal vendetta against him (Colley). “There was no ill will or evil intention that was communicated between me and the former president.” When asked if they are planning to get Jammeh back as president by all means?
He replied: “I cannot give any comments on that as at now, I can only talk to about the leaked WhatsApp audio between me and the former president.”

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Lamin Ceesay If that will boost their party which is aprc why didn’t they do it themselves the truth is it was not a bad one and didn’t move me in anyway as a Gambian but they were dissappionted.

Francis Afonso How can people on a democracy being constantly speaking in bring again dictatorship who keep them until recently one of the biggest misery, illiteracy, poverty of the world. .?!!!!…This is totally against any human being rights on the world. ..This is a criminal attempt against progress, prosperity, in peace, and tranquillity…!!!!

Madi Sarr These old fools…… Cheeeeem I don’t like them all…. May Allah expose u all against ur bad intention for our home land….. Allah will punish you all soon.

Alagie Manneh Yankuba u speak well power to the people the party will always going to be strong because strong man lead it insaallah Jammeh must come back.

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Lan Bayo Yankuba Colley you are nothing but useless . You just following women s in the Gambia yaya jammeh give you gambian money . And you use it for women and your business compound and your family . Cars and the other things . Very soon . You will face what you deserve it . Jankading Kebba dinnkudinkuru.

Kekuta Njie yes sir yes sar yes ser saaa that will be saaaaaair, its all bomboclact. aprc is dead, if u dont want to hear that suck your blood. fuck this idiots.

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