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The Gambia has been ranked second and third positions out of 23 countries in West and Central Africa affiliated to the Regional office for Capacity Building [ROCB], under World customs organisation, The Gambia was ranked 2nd and 3rd on customs procedures.

The Gambia was ranked through the Commitment and dedication from the Gambia Revenue Authority GRA, who went through a thorough assessment conducted by the Regional Office for Capacity Building for West and Central Africa under the World Customs Organization in Brussels.

Speaking to the media shortly after they returned to The Gambia, the delegation headed by Yankuba Darboe, Commissioner General, Alagie K. Mbye, the Customs Manager in charge of seaport customs operation and also a member of the regional working group regional office for capacity building ROCB under WCO, said the nomination took place two months ago in Conakry where Gambia was included in this working group.

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He said the group is in charge of the policy and other customs procedures for the region and also during the last meeting held in Brussels from 28th June to 3rd July 2018, with the Commissioner General in attendance, GRA was lucky to be handed over a very important roadmap document which was rigorously assessed by ROCB and WCO.

According to Mbye there was another complied roadmap called the Regional Strategic Plan for 2018 -2022 and in which, Central and West African countries are ranked.

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According to Mbye out of 23 countries, The Gambia came out 2nd in both partnership and human resources management and customs procedures; and 3rd in both strategic management and leadership.

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Mbye disclosed that these are the five key areas that the ROCB and World Customs Organizations assessed GRA out of 23 countries in Central and West Africa.

Mbye described this award as a big achievement to the people of the Gambia particularly to the Gambia Revenue Authority GRA for its commitment and dedication in ensuring that The Gambia was ranked second and third best respectively at the level of World Customs Organisation.


Mbye went further to assure that GRA will not relent its efforts in making sure GRA continue with the hard work that resulted in achieving these awards.

In conclusion Mbye thanked the government of the day for giving them the leverage, the environment, without any interference in GRA Administration.

He also expressed delight and gratitude to the ROCB and World Customs Organisation for awarding the Gambia 2nd and 3rd out of 23 countries in Central and West Africa on customs procedures, which has added more value to the Management of GRA.

The handing over took place in Brussels from 28th June to 3rd July 2018 and was attended by the Commissioner General GRA and senior management who were part of the delegation and a team from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs.

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